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Waist beads has been worn by women for centuries, it is a form of femininity


an extra adornment. Women often wear waist beads as an intimate gift to be shared with that special someone.


Positive vibes waist beads are accented with precious stones known for their healing benefits.


Rose Quartz stone- known as the love stone. It helps open the love chakra.


Which makes it great for all types of love, self love, romantic, platonic and unconditional.


Amethyst stone- known as the healer stone, it helps to clear the body of all negative energy


while replacing it with positive energy. Helps clear the mind so you can focus.


Turquoise stone- this stone was worn mostly by kings and queens in history, it is a sign of wealth


it's worn to promote leadership, success, ambition and creativity


Tigers eye stone- known to help you focus helps the wearer to see clearly and make decisions on what needs to be done


also brings harmony to the mind body and soul.


Handmade by Faithlyn Scarlett

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