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Pain away healing balm 4oz

Great for relieving aches and pain due to arthritis, minor strains and bruises

packed with super moisturizing shea butter, cocoa butter,

deeply penetrating with peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, emu oil known to relieve

swelling in muscles associated with inflammation.

How to use: apply to affected area rub in circular motion

apply as often as desired.

Indredients: shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, peppermint oil, emu oil, eucalyptus oil

lavender oil, calendula plant extract lavender buds other essential oils love and positive energy.

comes in 4oz and 8oz


I have been experiencing pain in the bottom of my right foot for some time I've went to the doctor and they could find anything wrong with it they suggested I use some over the counter creams to take away the pain that didn't work for me then I tried the pain away healing balm and it work like magic I will be using it for now on thanks faithsnaturalsbeauty

Linda 3/6/2016

The pain away balm was applied to my aching ankles and the pain had subsided. I have recommended this my mother and she used it for her feet and knees and was very pleased with the results as well. Also the body butter scent smell so nice and it helps my dry skin. I am so greatful to faith and new products. Customers for life."

Janice C 2/24/2016

The pain away balm is superb applied it to my aching ankles and can immediately felt it working, woke up the next day and didn't feel the pain, have been suffering with this ache for awhile.You have a longterm customer here.

Paul coyle 2/22/2016

List of foods to help with arthritis relief

BROCCOLI- rich in vitamin K, C and calcium which helps build stong healthy bones.


FISH- contains omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids these are the good fats for your body. Which helps with inflammation. Best fish to eat for this are salmon, herring, mackerel and tuna.


BERRIES- eat your berries, berries are found to have a component call anthocyanins which reduces inflammation. list includes strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.


CITRUS FRUITS- contains tons of vitamic C, so start drinking some OJ, finds ways to include lemons and grapefruit in your diet. A great way to include lemon in your diet is adding it to your drinking water.


POTATOES- vitamic C in potatoes acts as an antioxidant helping to reduce cell damage. According to the 2011 journal of nurtrition suggested that potatoes help inflammation associated with arthritis.


ASPARAGUS-the iron in asparagus helps maintain the strength and elasticity of joints and bones.




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